Nothing is as Powerful as the Human Touch

Touch plays a vital role in our health and well-being. The human body undoubtedly is made for touch, with over five million nerve endings eager to both give and to receive.  It is unfortunate that interpersonal touch is becoming a scarce commodity. All of us can benefit by increasing the amount of contact we have with the people around us.

At Massage the Universe it is our goal through the power of touch, to heal you from the inside out. We customize each therapeutic session for the individual. We want to hear your wellness goals and make them come true.  As healers it is our job to catalyze you into your truest and healthiest being.

If you are experiencing muscle pain and tension, we can help.

If you need emotional and mental clarity, we can help.

If you need control in your life, we can help.

It is our goal to show you how by combining science and spirtuality, you can tap into your potential healing powers and repair from the inside out. YOU are your best doctor.

10 am to 8 pm, Monday through Sunday

Sometimes fate and fortuity are on your side and Same Day, Evening, and Out-Call appointments can be made!

Gift Certificates Available Upon Request

Call (573) 864-5790 to Schedule Today

10 1/2 Ruxton Ave, Manitou Springs CO 80829


“This place is amazing! I took my girlfriend here and she couldn’t stop talking about it. Everything is very down-to-earth and relaxed, you don’t have to worry about the cold and impersonal reception you get at some places. This place is all about personal interaction, it’s much more a haven of tranquility than a business.”

— Eduard B.

“I could keep going but suffice it to say that I felt uplifted mentally, physically, and spiritually after my session. If you live in or near Manitou Springs or are planning a visit, you can add Power of Touch to your list of the magical area’s main attractions.”

— Lory K.